Hello everyone from Desanka, Darko and David! We are the members of MoreThanPrague team - a group of friends who love traveling, good food, unusual experiences and meeting new friends and different cultures. Our luck is that these things are also our job. All that we like to get when we visit other parts of the world, is what we fully give to those visiting our city and country. Our golden rules to deliver unique More Than Prague experience are 1. We host SMALL GROUPS ONLY (1-20pax) 2. Never mix one tour group with another 3. Flexibility in terms of duration, departure time, where to stop or what to visit 4. Always willing to adjust a tour to meet your needs and interests. Spending your time with us will make you feel happy, comfortable and relaxed during the whole stay. What matters to us a lot is personal attitude, reliability and flexibility. Every tour and transfer you will go on with us will bring you maximal joy and memorable experience. We are looking forward meeting new friends and don`t be surprised to find your self returning to Prague time and time again... MoreThanPrague team

For us small group means 1-20 people

Why? Because we want to exchange experience with you, learn something from you, about your culture as well as you learn from us